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Mike Cox OG Bronco Shock Set!!!!!!

Mike Cox OG Bronco Shock Set!!!!!!

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This is a very special set of shocks. These shocks are right off of Michael Cox's personal tan, RipNDip Cat Camo, 8 to 1 header, Bronco. 

What are these?

They're a little of everything. Started life is Kusters. Then added some Race Runner parts and some King parts. 

You might ask why these? 

Well, these shocks took 3 years to developed because Mr. Cox wanted perfection. And that is what you are buying. 

Guess where these originated from. 

Deja Vu Strip Club, Pro 2 Truck!!! What more do you want?

What are these?

2) 3.0 x 14" w/ Springs

2) 3.0 x 18" w/ Springs

No we won't separate the pair... 


Bcuz this is "big monster truck sh%@"

PSA: We will ship this shock set, just know it will be EXPENSIVE. Coil Overs and Coils are not lightweight. 

PSA2: If you buy these Mike will share his chassis and tuning secrets with you.

PSA3: These shocks are tuned to go FAST! They don't like moseying along trails. You have to be "on the chip".

PSA4: This is the passing of the torch of these timeless shocks. Be ready...

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